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Ratios: Find the inventories, fixed assets, and common stock

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Balance sheet analysis

Complete the balance sheet and sales information using the following financial data:
debt to assets ratio= 50%
Current ratio= 1.8x
Total assets turnover=1.5x
Days sales outstanding=36.5 days
Gross profit margin on sales(sales-cost of goods sold)/sales=25%
Inventory turnover ratio=5x
Calculation is based on a 365 day year
Total assets= $300,000
Long term debt= 60,000
Retained earnings= 97,500

Find the inventories, fixed assets, and common stock portions of the balance sheet.

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Solution Summary

Your solution is in excel. Each ratio is shown, including numerator and denominator. Cells that you have to "figure out" are in yellow. The formulas used to solve for yellow cells are in the cell contents (click in cell to see formula revealed). This is a template for similar work.

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