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Computing work-in-process inventory from balance sheet

On June 30, 2011, a tornado damaged Jensen Corporation's warehouse and factor completely destroying the work-in-process inventory. Neither the raw materials nor finished goods inventories were damaged. A physical inventory taken after the tornado revealed the following values:

Raw materials $87,000
Work-in-process 0
Finished goods $151,000
Total $238,000

The inventory of January 1, 2011, consisted of the following:

Raw materials $41,000
work-in-process $128,000
Finished goods $173,000
Total $342,000

A review of the books and records disclosed that the gross profit margin historically approximated 28% of sales. The sales total for the first six months of 2011 was $405,000. Raw material purchases totaled $150,000. Direct labor costs for this period were $112,000, and manufacturing overhead has historically been applied at 50% of direct labor.

Compute the value of the work-in-process inventory lost at June 30, 2011. Show supporting computations.

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sales 405000
less:gross margin 113400
cost of sales 291600
less:opening finished goods 173000

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