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    Compare Financial Statements of Ascension Health and HCA, Inc.

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    Download and review the financial statements of Ascension Health, a not-for-profit, religious based healthcare system from:


    Download and review the financial statements of HCA, Inc., a for-profit healthcare system from:

    http://media.corporate-ir.net/media_files/irol/63/63489/pdfs/05AnnualReport.pdf (pages 321 to 57).

    Review the companies' Balance Sheets, Statements of Income/Operations, and Statements of Cash Flows. Identify and describe five similarities and five differences between the two companies' financial statements.

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    Similarities and Differences between Ascension Health and HCA Inc.


    Ascension Health and HCA Inc. have following similarities
    1. Both are using Statement form of Consolidated Balance Sheet
    2. Both have Property, plant and equipment
    3. Cash and Cash equivalents and Inventory is in current assets
    4. There is a net increase in cash and cash equivalents during the year for ...

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