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Balance Sheet for Philip Morris Companies Inc

Please see the attached file.

The comparative balance sheets of Philip Morris Companies Inc. are presented here:

Philip Morris Company
Comparative Balance Sheet
December 31
(in millions)

Assets 2004 2003
Current assets $ 25,901 $ 21, 382
Property, plant, equip. (net) 16, 305 16,067
Other Assets 59,442 58,726

Total Assets 101,648 96,726

Liabilities and Stockholders equity

Current Liabilities 23, 574 21,393
Long term liabilities 47,360 49,705
Stockholders equity 30,714 25,077

Total Liabilities and 101,648 96,725
Stockholders equity

A) Prepare a horizontal analysis of the balance sheet data for Philip Morris using 2003 as a base (Show the amount of increase or decrease as well).

B) Prepare a vertical analysis of the balance sheet data FOR Philip Morris for 2004.


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