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    Annual report to assess the risk management strategy

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    I need to understand how to use a company's annual report to assess the risk management strategy.

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    // This paper deals with understanding how to use financial statements in assessing risk management strategy. But before that, it is essential to know what are financial statements and the various components in a financial statement.//

    The financial statements shown in the annual report of the company meet the common information needs of most of the users. They are organized summaries of detailed information about the performance and the financial position of a concern .Financial statements are the means of communicating accounting information in the various accounting processes to various users of account. In nutshell; financial statements include the following statements and accounts:

    Income Statement (P&L A/C)
    Position statement (Balance sheet)
    Profit and Loss appropriation Account
    Fund Flow and Cash Flow statement
    Various schedules
    // Financial statements use various tools and techniques for analysis and risk management; these have been listed in the next part of the paper. ...

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    The response address the queries posted in 626 words with references.