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Financial Analysis of Bank of America

Please help to indicating whether invest or not in the Bank of America Corp. Please check this site for : http://caps.fool.com/Ticker/BAC/Statements.aspx

Please include ANY major factors that support the decision (financial ratio of company, company's historical trends, as well as the cash flow, the income statement, and other information about the company such as new releases or are they being sued? can be included).

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Review of financial statements to decide whether invest or not:

The Financial statement of Bank of America Corp has been reviewed. Upon review, it is better to invest the money in Bank of America Corp on the following grounds:

1. The income statement of the company shows the positive earnings available to its shareholders continuously for the past four years. Even though the company's earnings after tax are reduced from the year 2006, ...

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The answer describes the financial analysis of Bank of America to help the prospective investor to decide whether to buy or not to buy its share by using ratios,trends,cash flow, growth rate, stock price