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    financial ratios for Bank of America and JP Morgan Chase

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    Ratios using the spreadsheet attached for Bank of America and JP Morgan Chase.

    Evaluate each firm's financial performance for the two most recent years available by

    Performing trend analysis on those financial ratios, and

    Comparing and contrasting the findings in essay form. Be sure to include a citation, and reference the source of your financial information. A copy of the financial information can be attached, a URL provided, or re-created.

    1) Current ratio
    2) Quick ratio
    3) Average collection period (days sales outstanding)
    4) Inventory turnover ratio (if applicable)
    5) Times interest earned
    6) Debt-to-equity ratio
    7) Net profit margin
    8) Return on equity
    9) Total asset turnover
    10) Return on assets
    11) Price-earnings ratio

    **these links appear to have some of the needed information?



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    See two attached Excel files.

    For your references, site the following (Google 'SEC Edgar' to use the most powerful research tool in regards to company filings. You can search for Form 10-K for each year for each company and get all the information you need):

    Bank of America: ...

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