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    Countrywide Financial "Business Analysis"

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    In a narrative format, the key facts and critical issues are discussed in the case of Countrywide Financial since it was one of the industries in the United States and overseas that were affected, with millions of dollars in losses, which led to its acquisition by Bank of America.

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    In addition to providing an overview and summation at the end, the idea is to present 'Key facts' and 'critical issues' based on the reading of this assignment as follows:

    In 1974, US Congress passed the Equal Credit Opportunity Act to help ensure that all consumers had equal opportunity to receive loans. As a result, potential home buyers received the benefit of equality in regards to sex, race, national origin, and more. During that time, Orange County, California offered programs that superseded normal lending standards, which was a dominant factor in state growth and additional revenue for owners (sellers) and governments. Yet sales also led to residential ...

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    As the US economy changed with more jobs moving offshore, gas prices rising, health insurance issues, and more, homeowners were impacted, especially those in low-income ranges. All industries in the United States and overseas were affected, including Countrywide with millions of dollars in losses that led to its acquisition by Bank of America. This solution offers an analysis of Countrywide Financial.