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    Create a Worksheet in an Excel Spreadsheet for Payroll and Commission

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    You have decided to apply your experience and expertise to your professional work as a supervisor for a retail company. Due to the fact that you supervise six people in your location, you are responsible for their payroll and commissions each week. This task would normally take a couple of hours considering that you do all your work on paper. You now have the expertise needed to automate this task by using formulas and functions in an Excel spreadsheet.

    Using the data provided, create a worksheet that uses the data described below:

    You must create a workbook with separate sheets for each week. Each worksheet should calculate the payroll amount for each of your six employees. If sales are below $1,000, then the commission paid is 5% of the sales. If sales are between $1,000 and $3,999.99, the commission paid is 10% of the sales. If sales are $4,000 or higher, the sales person receives a 12.5% commission rate.

    Sales people will be paid either their commission or hourly pay earned amount-whichever is higher. Hourly employees receive 150% of their hourly rate for any hours worked over 40 hours per week (time and a half for overtime worked).

    Each worksheet should contain the following headings:

    Hours Worked
    Hourly Pay
    Commission Earned
    Hourly Pay Earned
    Payroll Amount
    To complete this workbook, you must write specific formulas and functions. The Commission Earned, Hourly Pay Earned (for the two hourly employees), and Payroll Amount columns require you to use IF functions. Remember, the payroll amount for salespeople will be either the commission earned or hourly pay earned-whichever is greater. Do not calculate commission earned for hourly employees or overtime for sales employees (this is anyone who has a sales figure in the Sales column).

    Remember to format your worksheets, rename and change color on the tabs, and submit your workbook to the student using the following naming convention: LastnameFirstnameIP5.xls.

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