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    Cost accounting system used by Home Depot

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    Please explain what cost accounting system Home Depot uses. What are the benefits/challenges of the cost accounting system and why would you recommend it.

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    Home Depot and Cost Accounting System

    According to Chris Roush (1999) Home Depot is a company which revolutionized the retail industry through its relentless pursuit of growth. As a matter of fact, the author claims that Home Depot is the "most successful retailer to come along since Wal-Mart and one that is more admired according to national surveys" (Roush, 1999, p. 1). The formula for this unprecedented success was cooked up by Arthur Blank and Bernie Marcus relied heavily on "a huge assortment of goods in warehouse-sized stores, cut-rate prices, and a wheelbarrow full of customer ...

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    The expert examines the cost accounting system used by Home Depot.