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Production cost report

Honeybutter, Inc., manufactures a product that goes through two departments prior to completion. The following information is available on work in the mixing department during June:

Amount Completed

Units Materials Conversion

Work in Process, June 1 70,000 5/7 3/7
Started into production 460,000
Completed and transferred out 450,000
Work in Process, June 30 80,000 3/4 5/8

Cost in the beginning work in process inventory and cost added during June were as follows:

Materials Conversion

Work in Process, June 1 $ 35,000 $ 17,000
Costs added during June 391,000 282,000

The company uses the weighted average method to compute unit costs. The mixing department is the first department in the production process; after mixing has been completed, the units are transferred to the bottling department.


Prepare a production report for the mixing department for June.

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