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    Production Cost report

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    I need help in preparing a production cost report.

    Manufacturing Costs
    Beginning work in progress
    Materials $18,000
    Conversion Costs $14,175
    Materials $180,000
    Labor $32,780
    Overhead $61,445

    Production Costs
    Beginning work in progress 15,000 units
    1/10 complete
    Units transferred out 49,000
    Units started 60,000
    Ending work in process 26,000
    1/5 complete

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    Production Cost Report
    Weighted Average Method
    Quantity Schedule
    Quantities Physical Units Equivalent Units
    Material Conversion
    Units to be accounted for
    Work in Process, Beginning 15,000
    Started into Production 60,000
    Total Units 75,000
    Units ...

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