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    Sampling excel worksheet

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    A manager has selected a random sample of his league customers. he asked them to record the number of games they bowl during the month of December, including both league and open bowling. The reason for this interest in this data is that he is planning on offering a special discount to customers who bowl over a specified number of games each month. the sample of eight people produced the following data:

    13 32 12 9 16 17 16 12

    a. compute the mean for these sample data

    b. compute the median for these sample data

    c. compute the mode for these sample data

    d. calculate the variance and standard deviations for these sample data

    e. note that one person in the sample bowled 32 games. what effect if any does this large value have on each of the three measures of location? Discuss

    f. For these sample data, which measure of location provides the best measure of the center of the data? Discuss.

    g. given this sample data, suppose the manager wishes to give discounts to bowlers in the top quartile. what should the minimum number of games bowled be in order to receive a discount?

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    A. Mean 15.88
    B. Median 14.50
    C. Mode 12.00
    D. Variance 49.55
    D. Standard deviation 7.04
    E. The ...

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