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Sampling Activity and Sampling Techniques Report

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Sampling Activity
** See Attached Worksheet for table I need help with *AND* zip file for background info and data on Kudler Fine Foods. **

2. Sampling Techniques Report

>> Identify two different random sampling techniques Kathy Kudler could have used to identify survey participants.
>> Consult a sample size calculator. (Search for one on the Internet.)
>> Provide a report discussing each of the following:

o What process Kathy Kudler could have used with each sampling method
o The pros and cons of each
o What size population must exist with a confidence level of 95% and 99%, given the number of customers surveyed (70),
o The sample size Kathy Kudler would have needed, using a 95% confidence level, if she had a customer base of 450.
o The relationship between the confidence level and the confidence

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