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Personal financial questions

1)Many financial planners recommend that you hold emergency reserve assets equal to ___ months of after tax income
A)3-6 (B) 5-7(C) 7-12 (D)12-15

2)From a federal income tax perspective, interest on U.S Series EE bonds
A) May be deferred until redemption (B) may be deferred until redemption and may be avoided if it is used for a child's college or vocation expense(C) May be neither deferred nor avoided (D) May be avoided only if the bond are exchanged for Series HH bonds

3)Lou Hinton's saving account(offering 12% simple interest) showed the following activity for the month of June
Open Balance $2,000
6/10 $1,000
6/20 Withdrawal (800)
6/30 Ending Balance $2,200
Interest earned in June with the FIFO method would be
A) $24.00 (B) $12.00 (C) $18.67 (D)$ 21.33

4)Which lender below most likely would offer the lowest interest rate on a loan indicated
A) Insurance company (B) Pawnshop (using your guitar for collateral) (C) Commercial Bank (automobile loan) (D) Finance Company (Automobile loan)

5) Which item below would most likely not favor buying (versus renting) a personal residence ?
A) you expect inflation to increase(B) you expect an increase in income taxes (C) you expect mortgage rates to rise (D) you anticipate relocating frequently because of your job

6) If you expect interest interest rates to rise in the future which type of mortgage loan (shown Below ) would you prefer.
A) Graduated payment (B) Adjustable rate (C) shared appreciation (D) Fixed rate


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1. I've seen all the answers but the two most common are A and D. Those who say A are probably thinking of a normal economy where someone could be laid off from their factory job and it could take 3 to 6 months to get another. D would be fitting for a high level executive. Here's a rule of thumb to help you out: for every $10,000 of annual salary, figure one ...

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