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Imagine you work as a business consultant. Companies and governmental entities hire your firm to make recommendations for streamlining business operations, such as to make companies more fiscally sound. You are asked by your supervisor to present at a local business conference on the subject of financial sustainability. Your audience is business analysts who are expecting your explanation to include mathematical rationale. You may address business issues related to private businesses, governmental operations, or personal finances. Select a mathematical concept, that could be applied in the field you selected (Financial Sustainability). I would like to know how I could present this information using the concept of slope and rates of change given the following information. Is it possible to use this concept or should I use another?

Exxon mobil's revenue from 2005 - 2008

Year Revenue Dollars($billion)
2005 358,955
2006 365,467
2007 390,328
2008 459,579
2009 301,500

I would like to graph the revenue of the company from 2005 to 2008.
(a) Find the slope of the line shown.
(b) Interpret the slope as a rate of change.

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