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Improving the logistics: Wearable computers


Falling prices for core computing components, rapid advancement in speech recognition technology and head-worn display products are fueling a phenomenal growth in the wearable computer market. One impetus for sales is the ability of wearable computers to produce cost savings and improve customer service, triggering a quick and tangible return on investment. Their use has become most popular in distribution/warehousing, transportation, field service and military segments. However, wearable computers still have some hurdles to overcome for the boom to occur. Those surveyed cited three main reasons for not purchasing: high prices, the unavailability of a product that solved their application needs, or no perceived need for hands-free computing in their supply chain application.

Wearable computers: The new fashion-ware for the future
Frontline Solutions; Duluth; Dec 2002; Brian Albright

How can wearable computers improve the efficiency of logistics?

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//The given discussion paper is based on the 'Wearable Computers'. In the first section of the discussion, the introduction of the wearable computers including their history is explained in detail under the heading of introduction.//


In the year 1500, wearable computers first introduced the pocket watch. In 1996, the first wearable computer was invented by Edward O Thorpe, which fits into the 20th century image of a computer designed to predict Roulette Wheels (History of Wearable Computing, 2007). There are some advantages of wearable computers: to enhance the communication flexibility, freedom to use, work from anywhere and convenient to use (History of Wearable Computing, 2007). Various people think that wearable computers have full advantage as the technology has developed over the years. But there are many disadvantages of using wearable computing and they are that the equipment could be heavy, it could be expensive, and some of the wearable computers could consist of a lot of wiring

//In the next section of the discussion paper, the most significant aspects of the wearable computers, are explained in detail. In addition to this, the fundamental issues related to these computers are explained in the same section of the discussion paper. //

The most significant aspect of computers whether it is wearable computer or not, is their re-configurability e.g. that their purpose and role can fluctuate broadly, depending on the instructions provided for program execution (Definition of "Wearable Computer"). A wearable computer is a computer that is considered into the personal space of the user, controlled by the user, and has both operational and interaction constancy ...

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