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Hybrid Financing and Bonds

Its investment bankers have told Donner Corporation that it can issue a 25-year, 8.1% annual payment bond at par. They also stated that the company can sell an issue of annual payment preferred stock to corporate investors who are in the 40% tax bracket. The corporate investors require an after-tax return on the preferred that exceeds their after-tax return on the bonds by 1.0%, which would represent an after-tax risk premium. What coupon rate must be set on the preferred in order to issue it at par?

A. 6.66%
B. 6.99%
C. 7.34%
D. 7.71%
E. 8.09%

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This solution calculates the coupon rate on preferred stock by using the required after tax return on preferred stock and after tax return on bond. All steps are shown in a clear and structured manner.