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    Financial Analysis of Raytheon

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    Obtain financial information for Raytheon. You should begin by obtaining an annual report for the company. You should also explore the company's Web site and the Company Directories and Financial Reports. Write a 5 page paper with the following information.

    b. Prepare a 2001 - 2005 trend table of the financial ratios below Include a brief rationale for each ratio you have calculated.
    (Current Ratio, Times Interest Earned TIE, Basic earning power ratio, Price/earnings P/E ratio)

    c. Compare the ratios calculated against industry averages.
    Compare ratios calculated against industry averages for the 4 financial ratios you are working on.

    d. For each ratio calculated, write a paragraph interpreting the trends and identify strengths and weaknesses.
    Write a paragraph intrepreting the trends... for the 4 financial ratios you are working on.

    e. Assess the financial condition of the company.

    i. Identify a key new management initiative that is detailed in the company's annual report. Using financial ratios, assess the company's preparedness to launch this initiative. What nonfinancial considerations need to be evaluated in order to determine the likelihood of the initiative's success?

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