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FIN 450 Week 7
Chapter 21 Questions
11. What do 12b-1 fees pay and what is the maximum amount that these fees can be?

15. What regulatory changes have been adopted or are being considered to deal with abuses in the mutual fund industry?

Quantitative Problems
On January 1, a mutual fund has the following assets and prices at 4:00 pm.
Stock Shares Owed Price
1 1,000 $1.97
2 5,000 $48.26
3 1,000 $26.44
4 10,000 $67.49
5 3,000 $2.59
An investor sends the fund a check for $50,000. If there is no front-end load, calculate the new number of shares and price per share. Assume the manager purchases 1,800 shares of stock 3, and the rest is held as cash

Chapter 22 Questions
8. How are insurance companies able to predict their losses from claims accurately enough to let them price their policies such that they will make a profit?

12. Distinguish between defined-benefit and defined-contribution pension plans.

Quantitative Problems
3. Your rich uncle dies. Leaving you a life insurance policy worth $100,000. The insurance company also offers you an option to receive $8,225 per year for 20 years, with the first payment due today. Which option should you use?

Chapter 23 Questions
3. What does it mean to say that investment bankers underwrite a security offering? How is this different from a best-efforts offering?

8. Why would an investment banker advise a firm to issue a security using best efforts rather than under-writing?

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