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Explain The Thrift Savings Plan

Explore the Thrift Savings Plan (TSP) web site at http://www.tsp.gov .

Let's say you'd like to enroll in the TSP-explain why and what funds will you choose?(8-11 sentences).

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The Thrift Savings Plan is a defined contribution plan for Federal employees. It provides for a match of up to 5 percent of the employee's contributions. (In fact, all employees receive an automatic 1 percent match; there is a 1 percent match for each 1 percent of salary contributed to 3 percent; there is then a .5 percent match for each 1 percent contributed up to 5 percent of salary.) For a person contributing 5 percent of their salary, this match results in an immediate 100 percent return on their investment. This match also buffers them in a market downturn (since their loss is mitigated by the value of the remaining match dollars they did not have to contribute) and ...

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This solution explains the Thrift savings Plan, discusses the fund choices within it in detail, and discusses what fund a college student would invest in.