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Executive Retirement Plans vs 401 K Plans

Task: Compare Supplemental Executive Retirement Plans with 401 K Plans. Make sure to cite any references used.

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Compare Supplemental Executive Retirement Plans with 401K.


Supplemental Executive Retirement Plans, also called SERPS. "The tax code sharply limits the ability of highly compensated executives to defer compensation under a qualified retirement plan. For example, compensation in excess of $170,000 must be completely disregarded for benefit accrual purposes under qualified pension or profit-sharing plans." McCord (2000) SERPS are also called "top hat plans" as the plans are for the well-off.

Supplemental Executive Retirement Plan

Companies are able to limit payments on basic pension plans by creating a Supplemental Executive Retirement Plan. The corporation's top executives determine the executives who will take part in the ...

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In about 435 words, with references, this solution addresses Executive Retirement Plans and compares them with 401K Plans.