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Earned Value Analysis

Can someone please, at first glance, explain to me what the attached slide is really saying. If you were given this slide without any knowledge of the topic, what would be your analytical assessment of the chart. Is there anything about the slide that sticks out like a sore thumb? Please beak it down with your professional interpretation.


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This seems to be a Project Management Question and because I am a PMP certified (Project Management Professional), I do have knowledge about this topic.

First, I'll explain what the different terms in the cost chart means. This will help in our later analysis. While analyzing this chart, it is best if you imagine that you are working on a project.

1. Obligated: This is the cost that you estimated for a particular deliverable before the project started. For example, from our chart, the obligated cost up to 9-September is 93. This means that even before the project started, we estimated that it would ...

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This solution explains the different terms associated with earned value analysis. It also explains the chart in the attached question.