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Why would funding be overlooked?

The Make a Way Foundation has run into a financial crisis. Halfway into their fiscal year, the financier has realized that the company has not put enough money aside to cover all of their costs for the children's summer expense project.

For this assignment you should identify possible reasons for the misallocation of funding and give suggestions on what could be done to save the Children Summer Expense Project. You must answer the following:

Give at least three (3) possible reasons why the funding was overlooked.
Suggest at least three (3) ways that the Children's Summer Expense Project could be saved

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Potential reasons funding was overlooked:

1. They did not create an annual budget and therefore they had no sense that their spending was higher than their resources.

2. Their planned contributions and fees from participants were not as planned.

3. ...

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Your tutorial suggests four reasons and four ways to save the project so you can select the ones that appeal to you and get the idea of how this works.