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    800 Numbers

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    The Marketing department likes to know patterns about the consumers who call the 1-800 phone bank with questions/problems.

    You meet with them to discuss the matter. Suggest at least 3 quantitative objects that you should keep track about each caller and/or their behavior with respect to the snack food category and indicate if each variable is continuous or discrete.

    What are discrete and continuous data?

    There are two kinds of quantitative variables: discrete and continuous. Discrete variables have values that can be counted and must be integers, while continuous variables can assume any values between two given values. Examples of discrete variables include the value showing on the roll of a die (1-6), or the number of rainy days in a week (1-7). Examples of continuous data include sale amounts (any number) and speed (any number).

    2 - 4 paragraphs with 3 APA formatted references

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    Quantitative Objects to be tracked

    Stroud has stated that "The act of measuring an object normally involves using a measuring instrument under "controlled" conditions." (2008)

    For this scenario, the quantitative objects that need to be tracked are:

    1) Was the snack item stale? This is a form of discrete, as the answer is either yes or no.
    2) Was the packaging of the snack item damaged? This is also a form of discrete, as the answer is either yes or no.
    3) How many callers advised ...

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