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    Where and where did auditing begin? How has it progressed?

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    Where did auditing begin? When did it begin? How has it progressed?

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    Historically, auditing was first used for fraud detection. There is evidence of auditing in early Greece as noted in an Aristotle quotation from about 350 BC in which he discusses the appropriate punishment for proven embezzlement as discovered by a public officer.

    These 'checking activities', as they were called, were also used in China and Egypt but they became more developed in England during the reign of Henry I (1100s). Auditors were state appointed to examine revenue and expenditures, but again with the primary view of preventing fraud.

    Later (1300s), various city states in Italy used auditors to count riches brought back to Italy by the captains of sailing ships.

    It is curious that the term auditor has a basis in Latin for 'to hear'. We think of auditing as ...

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    The 468 word solution traces the historical beginnings of auditing including the initial reasons and the subsequent changes in focus and intent.