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Evil woman thesis meanings

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Explain the meaning of the Evil Woman Thesis and its implications for managers.

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Explain the meaning of the Evil Woman Thesis and its implications for managers.

Research states that there are two competing theses that attempt to explain differences in the way women are treated in disciplinary situations and why: the "Chivalry/Paternalism" theory and the "Evil Woman" theory. In his 1991 work, "Grievance Procedure Research: A Review and Theoretical Recommendations", Brian Bemmels explained that the because women are considered as subordinate to men, chivalry/paternalism theory views men as the protectors of women and therefore women are not primarily responsible for their actions. An excerpt taken from his work states, "Chivalry assumes that men have a protective attitude toward women and consequently are reluctant to accuse women or to punish them for their offenses. Paternalism assumes that ...

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The expert explains the meaning of the evil women thesis. The implications for managers are determined.

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