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    Effective leader essay

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    Describe a person whom you consider to be a highly effective leader based on his or her managerial and leadership accomplishments. This can be a person with whom you have worked, or a person in the news. Analyze and evaluate that individual's leadership style, role, and leadership philosophy. In your assessment, evaluate the role that leadership plays in an organization. Then assess your own leadership potential based upon your experience and feedback from others, and correlate how your chosen leader might inspire your leadership in the future.

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    In order to help you understand what your assignment involves, I am going to share some information about a leader, critique their leadership style and compare it with my personal leadership style. I will also provide you with some leadership references. I am going to trust that you will simply use my examples ...

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    This solution gives an example of how to write a paper on an effective leader, including covering the leader's style and impact.