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    The social system: End-Users, Managers and its Professionals

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    You work for the CIO of your company as a strategic analyst. The CIO has just read the following article on ZDNet:


    He thinks that the author asks a good question at the end of the article but is a little puzzled about the role that the author envisions for corporate customers. He wants you to write a brief report for him outlining whether you think that it would be useful for a company like yours to subsidize free distribution of anti-virus software to home users as the author proposes. In particular, he wants you to explain why there is a connection between the company's network and home users and how this might help your company's problems with viruses. He also wants you to consider whether there are other issues besides providing free software to home users that affect the network security of your firm and to be sure to put your discussion in the context of the roles of top management/non-IT management, IT professionals, and end-users play in maintaining network security.

    You have recently read the following article that has set you to thinking about different perceptions of network security problems between IT professionals, end-users, and managers:


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    New technologies like ecommerce are bringing high speed and constant connectivity to companies and their users (employees, customers and suppliers), aiding the global trend. Ecommerce portal is designed to include not only everything that an user might hope to find on an intranet (such as a corporate directory, or customer support information), but also may be personal information and links that the users might want (such as stocks information, or even games). The intention is to increase not only efficiency, but also user satisfaction and a sense of loyalty with the organization. There is a connection between the company's network and the home users as they are linked through intranet. The offices intranets are connected through telecom network. Each office area network may have for example NetContinuum Firewall and NetContinuum Antivirus for servers. (K2 network, 2006)
    This system is functional without the restriction of geography and time. But it will use the resources of the users such as computer, internet and processing system. Thus there is network or link between the system of home user and the company. Through this link besides important information, other unwanted outcomes can also happen. One of them is the transfer of virus.
    Thus for organization it would be of utmost importance to provide secured interface with the users. It should ensure maximum security of ...

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    The solution examines a social system. It provides different perceptions for the article of network security problems between IT professionals, end-users and the managers.