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    Online Furniture Business

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    This is a group project and I have to do the following as part of a business plan for an online furniture e-commerce industry done in word and must contain:

    Flow chart or bulleted list of user experience with shopping cart, wish list, sales and returns, bidding, search, shipping, and tracking.

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    The home page displays:
    ? Bedroom furniture;
    ? Leather furniture:
    ? Design Advice;
    ? Customer Service:
    ? Shopping Cart:

    The user clicks on shopping cart:
    The page shows the customer the product image that he has purchased, the item number, the price and the quantity.
    The user also gets the option of making further purchases from items on sales:
    ? Furniture on sale;
    ? Bedroom furniture;
    ? Living Room furniture:
    ? Wall Units furniture:
    ? Dining Room furniture:
    ? Kids' Room furniture:

    The user gets customer service:
    ? Delivery:
    ? Warranties:
    ? Order Tracking:

    The user can order:
    ? Design help;
    ? Furniture protection service:

    Or he can:
    ? Proceed to Checkout:
    ? Save Shopping Cart:

    The customer account is created with details of:
    ? First Name:
    ? Last Name:
    ? E-Mail Address:
    ? Confirm e-mail Address:
    ? Zip Code:
    ? Password:
    ? Confirm Password:
    ? Credit Card Number:
    ? Delivery Address:
    After the customer submits his details he is thanked and told to expect the delivery within the number of days mentioned in delivery details.

    The wish list page requests the user to create a keyword that can be used later to retrieve the wish ...

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