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    Kudler Fine Foods

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    I am stumped on these 2 sections of my paper. I have already written a good portion of it. I am working on the company Kudler Fine Foods and decided to launch a new product in Mexico and Italy. I will be offering cooking classes as the new product.

    ** I am looking for help on Pricing and Marketing research conducted for the plan. **

    > See attached Strategic Plan if you need more details <

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    Marketing Research required for the plan for launching cooking classes.
    The marketing research will have two parts.
    Secondary research: This will consist of the literature of the existing cooking classes in Mexico and Italy, internet search for the current cooking classes, their duration, their locations, and the contents that are taught at the cooking classes, the demonstrations given, and practical classes for students. There are syndicated reports available for cooking classes, and these need to be researched.
    Primary Research: This will consist of the survey of potential customers of cooking classes that can be administered a ...

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