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    For Your Comfort (FYC) Formal Plan

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    You have finally convinced the ECM of the advantages of an e-commerce website. Now all you need to do is prepare a brief business plan to outline your model, strategy, and processes for their approval.

    Donna wants the e-commerce portal to sell all its furniture line with regular prices as well as clearance items. She gives you a free hand in any other models you may choose: P2P, C2C, etc. The target audience is the same as the main store customer demographics (employed, professionals/families, young professionals starting out in their careers, shoppers, home furnishings shoppers). The only caveat is that the customers must be Internet-savvy and familiar with shopping on the Internet; that gives us the age group 21-55 years with the target customer demographics. Debbie feels there can be many business models combined in the same portal.

    Your job is to deliver the Implementation Strategy: Hosting (your own, hosting companies like Godaddy.com, Lycos, etc., or online store aggregators like Yahoo), domain name registration, web design, payment gateway, and launch

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    There are several issues that need to be considered while hosting the site: These include the reliability of the website, which means that the website should be up every day and at all times of the day. As FYC needs to depend on the website for its online sales it must have the site up and working 24 hours a day. FYC can't wait till the next working day to fix the website problems. Similarly, the security on the site should be dependable. No frauds, hacking or breakdowns can be tolerated. Moreover, the performance of the website will also depend on the speed of web server, its processor speed and space for effective functioning. The software used will determine the functionality of the FYC website. FYC's own in-house personnel will advise about the software that needs to be used.
    FYC will do its own in-house hosting. This is important so that FYC does not have any legal issue with the ISP (Internet Service Provider) especially when its expands its online operations.. Moreover, the storage space of the web server can be more easily managed if the hosting is done in-house. FYC will have closer control over the web storage space and performance. Moreover, FYC will have a closer control over the operating environment, which includes the software and systems that run on the web server.

    1. For registering the domain name FYC will have to use the services of a registration agent.
    2. FYC must ascertain that the agent is registered, this can be found by searching a list of Internet Corporation for assigned names and numbers accredited registrars.
    3. The registration agent should register the ...

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