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    Expanded HTML

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    Appendix E
    Expanded HTML Document
    When you created the Code HTML document (Appendix D), it should have included the following elements:

    - Title
    - Headings of three different sizes
    - Two instances of bold
    - Two instances of italics
    - Two instances of a horizontal rule
    - One list: ordered, unordered, or definition
    - Two paragraphs of text related to course content
    - Two attributes applied to an HTML element, such as alignment and/or color

    This week, the above Code HTML document (Appendix D) is expanded upon to include additional HTML elements. The expanded Code HTML document encompasses the majority of the components necessary for the final project.

    Add the following HTML elements to your existing HTML document:

    ? One graphic
    ? Two links to outside Web sites
    ? Four attributes applied to an HTML element
    ? Four paragraphs of text, separated by line breaks
    ? Two comment tags

    Submit the expanded HTML document on the appropriate due date. Then, review and evaluate a classmate's HTML document, and offer constructive suggestions for improvement.

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