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Did the Year 2000 "" crash on Wall Street and in countless technology companies signal the slowdown of e-Business or the opposite? Given the current trends where is the future of e-business heading?

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With all the talk of the dot-com implosion and the NASDAQ crash, you'd think that e-business just doesn't work. Contrary to popular opinion, the rumored death of the Internet is highly exaggerated. In fact, e-business is quietly changing the world.

While IT spending worldwide remained flat in 2001 and declined in the United States, e-business spending grew by more than 20 percent.

"The dot-com crash didn't kill anything except hundreds of ill-conceived companies," said John Gantz, IDC's Chief Research Officer.

"In fact, it actually helped usher in the real 'new economy'; the one where businesses, schools, and ...

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This solution looks at the Year 200 "" crash on Wall Street and how affected e-Business and gives details on the current and projected trends of e-business.