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    Conflicts of Interest in Web Design

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    Some are of the view that faster and more attractive website is not always better.

    In commercial kitchen design - for example, when designing service station dining areas, designers do not aim to make seats comfortable - well they have to be comfortable for a while but it is important that customers purchase as much as possible and eat up as fast as possible.

    (My information was obtained from a conversation with industrial experts with a view of producing expert systems to aid kitchen designers.)

    Having seats occupied by contented customers is not the goal.

    The goal is to sell!

    Question: Is it naive to think that such conflicts of interest do not happen in web design?

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    It is naïve to think that conflicts of interest do not occur in web design. There are many
    factors that influence web design and many considerations designers must take into account.
    In one example, a restaurant with comfortable seating conflicts with a message about the types
    of cuisine offered. If the main goal of the restaurant is to sell food, rather than to fill seats, the
    focus should be centered around the types of food offered. This will affect the design of the site
    to a large extent. The main goal of the web site will then be to draw patrons who want to eat at
    the establishment. This means creating an online environment that invites potential customers to
    visit the restaurant. An image of a comfortable seating area may be inviting. However, it may be
    viewed as a place to visit and relax with friends or family. If the restaurant wants to attract visitors
    for its food, the environment of the website should be food oriented. Suggestions to try special
    dishes or recipes may be included. Images should focus on actual dishes and images of patrons
    enjoying satisfying meals. Nothing works better than the power of suggestion. A website visitor
    may decide he or she is hungry after viewing the images. Viewing a comfortable seating area is
    not likely to invoke ...

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