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    Amazon's technology and business

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    How has Amazon used technology to revamp the book-selling industry?
    Is Amazon using disruptive or sustaining technology to run its business?
    How is Amazon using personalization to keep customers loyal?
    What is Amazon's e-business model?

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    How has Amazon used technology to revamp the bookselling industry?

    Amazon was started in 1995 by Jeff Bezos. It is currently a Fortune 500 company based in Seattle, Washington, and is the global leader in e-commerce. Amazon has used e-commerce technologies to sell directly to the consumers. It has changed the business model from an indirect business model to a direct business model. Earlier consumers used to go to physical book shops to buy the books, but with the Amazon's latest usage of technology, consumers ...

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    This solution discusses how Amazon has used technology to re-vamp the book-selling industry, if it uses disruptive or sustaining technology in its business, how it uses personalization to maintain customer loyalty, and explains Amazon's e-business model.