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    You must come up with a plan and must prepare a memo to the entire Chamber Of Commerce (with your proposal)

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    You and your classmates, who each own their own store, are members of the local Chamber of Commerce. All of the members are participating in a promotional event to celebrate the anniversary of the town. The event will cost $100,000, and your group has been charged with determining the way to fund and pay for the event. Your group has a year to fund this celebration.

    One member suggested getting a loan from the bank. Another member suggests raising the money through civic donations, levying a fee on each member of the chamber and soliciting grants from government. Another member has suggested using some of the Chamber's treasury funds to purchase a promising stock and using the profits from the sale to fund the promotion.

    Others believe the event could also raise some of the money by selling promotional sponsorships. Your committee is grappling these and several other ideas. You must come up with a plan and must prepare a memo to the entire chamber with your proposal. In it you need to explain the merits of your plan, and discuss the disadvantages of those ideas you do not embrace. Once you and your team have determined the best option, write a memo.

    My Answer:

    Dear Committee Members:

    Is is my proposal that we have a community festival which would include: a live musical perforance, silent auction and refreshment.

    First- I would start by getting in touch with artist from my home town and explaining to them as to what we are trying to accomplish. I would let them know this would benifit them because they would have their name put in the program we are preparing for the Festival. They would have to preform 2 songs each. We would have this event setup as donations excepted with a min of 20.00 per person.

    Next- the silent auction- we could get in touch with famous basketball, football, basketball. baseball, singers and actors- asking them to donate items for the silent auctions. There name to would be listed in the program. This would give the festival the oppuntity to make lost of money for the event.

    The refreshement would be a big help also we could sell during the show and at the auction. This would allow for us to sell souviner type items like cups, hat and shirts. I feel this would be one of the greatest ways to make the 100K fast.

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    Great job so far - but there are a few things that you need to consider:

    100k is a huge sum of money - and selling refreshments wont' really get you there. I.e selling glasses of wine at 5$ a glass - you have to consider the fact that you would have to buy the food items to resell (unless you get them donated). If you want to sell ...

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