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Expected US GDP Growth Presentation

You are the newly appointed President of the local Chamber of Commerce. You are making your first presentation to the Chamber and want to make a good first impression.

Your presentation will be based on the following topic, purpose, and audience.

Topic: Expected U.S. GDP growth rate going forward
Audience: Local chamber of commerce
Purpose: To give business leaders an idea of what the economy may look like based on recent history and expected future conditions

Part I

In addressing GDP, consider the following:

- Trends, forecasts, and statistics
- How GDP is determined
- Interpreting GDP

Part II

Prepare a presentation for the Chamber of Commerce of an area of your choice.

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The forecast of GDP in October 2010 is 14,677 B Dollars and the estimate of the GDP for March 2011 is 14.663 B dollars. The GDP growth rate is 2.00%. The forecast of 2% growth rate is continuing even in the third quarter. The consumer spending is increasing. The GDP represents the total value of goods and services produced within a territory in a given period of time. It is the value of total production of goods and services in the US over a year. From another perspective, the GDP is the measure of income generated in a country. It measures the market value of goods and service produced by the USA.

The GDP is a statistic used to measure the economy. The quarter to quarter figures enables people to determine if the US economy is growing more quickly or more slowly that the quarter before. The other uses of the GDP are to compare the size of the economies throughout the world and to compare the relative growth rate of economies. Business leaders look at the GDP to understand if the economy is changing so that they can change their investments. Similarly, ...

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