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    Differentiation teaching

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    Prepare a lesson framework for a content area of your choice. Include the background of the students, goals of the lesson, assessments you will use, and at least three (3) instructional strategies reflective of differentiated instruction that you will include in the lesson. You may present the information in a format of your choice. Describe in detail the strategies that you will use and appropriate links of reference.

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    Think of high school students in language arts.

    This is a standard-level course, with students ranging from significantly below grade-level (5th, 6th grade reading) to average reading level (8th-9th grade) to a few advanced level students). This is a diverse group racially, with predominantly African American and Hispanic students, with a few White students as well.

    Core: Language Arts/Reading
    Content: Reading/Understanding Informational Texts (nonfiction).

    My goals/objectives for students are:
    1) SWBAT read an informational text and comprehend the main idea; prove via multiple-choice assessment, logical responses to class discussion, and written responses to detailed questions;
    2) SWBAT identify and describe how details in the informational text support the main idea;
    3) SWBAT generate an author's purpose as to why he/she wrote the text.

    Assessments I will use include:
    1) Formative markup of the texts (grading students on whether they use highlighting of key phrases/words/terms, and whether they chunk each paragraph into ...

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    Differentiation teaching is explicated.