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Difference between corruption and organizational control

Lange (2008) discusses organizational control versus corruption control. In your own words, describe the difference between corruption control and organizational control.

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Tom is a chief executive officer at Jones International, Inc. Recently, Tom has overheard rumors about employees participating in bribery transactions to secure clients. Tom has not received direct or official notification about the claims of bribery. How should Tom respond to the rumors and why?

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Assume that you work for an international technology or communications organization. For this question, include each of the following in your response:
a. Choose the technology or communication the organization offers
b. Briefly describe the technology or communication
c. Recommend one way the organization can improve its social responsibility
d. Briefly describe the details of the social responsibility

Your response should be at least 150 words in length

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//In every organization, there are certain ethical and unethical practices. It is a major concern for the people at top level management to deal with unethical practices to create healthy organizational culture. These unethical practices also hamper the image of organizations in society and hence, organization is unable to fulfill objectives of social service. The discussion below will shed light on corruption control and organizational control.//

Corruption control v/s organizational control:

Corruption in organization is mainly referred to the use of power to indulge in frauds, misrepresentation of facts and figures along with involving in accepting or offering bribery. In an organization, those who are in higher position, misuse their power to obtain unethical advantage by indulging in activities, which are against the policies of organization (Burke & Cooper, 2009). In order to prevent this practice, organization has been putting more efforts in the form of strict policies and by imposing strict regulation to ensure corruption free organization.

Organizational control, on the other hand, is a wider concept and comprises all activities, policies as well as rules and regulation, which are meant for smooth functioning. In organizational control, people at the top level management distribute authorities, along with responsibilities to managers (Organizational Control Objectives, 2013). Organizational control focuses on ...

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The response addresses the queries posted in 854 words with references.