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Descriptive Analysis using SPSS

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This project is based on the textbook's Integrated Case about "The Hobbit's Choice: A Restaurant." Your task is to perform a descriptive analysis of the restaurant's survey data using SPSS.

Project instructions:

1. Read Case 15.3, "The Hobbit's Choice," and review all of the previous case materials in Chapter 15, as well as your previous assignments.

2. Download the data set for the Hobbit's Choice Restaurant Survey from the Burns & Bush Marketing Research 4/e website. The file is named "HobbitData.sav."

3. Load the data set into your SPSS software and save this new SPSS file on your computer (you will be using this data for future assignments).

4. Use SPSS to calculate frequencies, percentages, medians, means, standard deviations to analyze two nominal variables, 1 ordinal variable, and 2 interval or ratio variables. For each calculation identify and provide the appropriate statistic(s). Put your output tables, statistics and explanations into a single Word document.

5. Here are the steps to insert your SPSS output tables into your Word document:

In SPSS, with an SPSS output window open, select the output object (for example, "Descriptive Statistics") in the menu on the left

Select Edit > Copy objects

In Word, select Edit > Paste Special. In the dialog box choose "Formatted Text (RTF)" then click "OK."

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Descriptive analysis of the restaurant's survey data using SPSS

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