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    Socio-economic issues of India

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    What are the socio-economic issues of India from a MNC manufacturing company view? Need analysis describe the appropriate techniques and procedures for mitigating the risks identified for India. Use the Delphi techniques, sensitivity analysis, checklist approach, or standard deviation of cash flows. From the analysis use qualitative and quantitative techniques such as forward market hedge, money market hedge. Need list of cite sources

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    //Before writing about the socio-economic issues of India, we have to understand the macro environmental factors that should be considered by all kinds of Business Organizations. Then, we will discuss about the socio-economic issues of India from the MNC Manufacturing Company's point of view. It will assist in understanding the issues related to the socio-cultural and economic factors that should be considered by the Organizations for getting success in the business.//


    Before starting a business, all organization should make the macro environmental factors analysis in order to study the position of the industry, the economy, nature of the competition, the scope of invasion by substitute products, etc. In other words, it can be said that the environmental survey is essentially a diagnosis of the changes in the environment. The socio-cultural as well as economic issues of India from the point of view of a MNC manufacturing company are:

    1. Economic Issues:

    The economic environment of India is a vital component of the mega environment. Industry and business highly depend on economic environment. The fortune of industry and of any MNC company rests heavily on the purchasing power of the people and purchasing power is largely a product of the economic environment (Ramaswamy & Namakumari, 2005). The factors that should be considered under economic environment by the manufacturing company are:

    Ø The economic conditions of India

    Ø Rate of growth of the economy (GDP), rate of growth of each sector like agriculture, industry, consumer goods, etc.

    Ø Rate of inflations and ...

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