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    Xavier construction depreciation

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    Calculating Depreciation. See attached file for full problem description.

    Xavier construction cash price for assets.
    Estimated market values - land, building, land improvements, vehicle
    Useful life
    Schedule - apportioned cost
    depreciation - straight line , double declining balance.

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    XAVIER CONSTRUCTION Please see the calculations and attached file for more details.
    Schedule When the total of appraised value is more that the cash paid, then the cash paid is apportioned.
    Appraised Percentage Apportioned to the various assets as per the percentage of
    Value of Total Cost appraised value.
    Building $408,000 48% $378,000 Here we find the percentage for each of the
    Land 289,000 34% 267,750 ...

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    The solution explains how to apportion the cost in basket purchase and then calculate the depreciation (see attachment).