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Staples Equity Transactions

Visit the home page of Staples, Inc., at www.staples.com. Locate the company's most current balance sheet by selecting Investor Information located at the bottom of the page under Corporate Information.

Does the company report preferred stock in its balance sheet? If so, how many shares are currently outstanding?

How much common stock does the company report in its most recent balance sheet? What is the par value of each?

Does the company report any treasury stock? Has this amount changed since the previous year?

Please make response over 200 words with one reference APA style. Thanks!

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Staples disclosed that it had 5 million preferred shares authorized, but none issued or outstanding, at the January 31, 2015, the end of its latest fiscal year. (In other words, it could issue up to 5 million shares, but had never issued any.) This stock bears a par value of $.01 per share. Furthermore, Staples is authorized to issue up to 2.1 million shares ...

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This solution illustrates how to research a company's annual report to find valuable information about its equity transactions.