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Criteria for Achievement and Job Proficiency Tests

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Describe how you determine suitable criteria for demonstrating the concurrent validity of an achievement test, a projective diagnostic test, and a job-proficiency test.

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This solution discusses the criteria for demonstrating the validity of job achievement and job proficiency tests.

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*Concurrent validity is determined by the similarity between the target measure and another measure for which the validity is known. It is determined by correlating two or more measures given at the same time to the same subjects (Feldman, Haley, & Coyell, 1990, p. 603).

(a) Achievement Test

Achievement tests are designed to measure accomplishment such as the Woodcock-Johnson (woodcock et al., 2000 as cited in Cohen & Swerdlik, 2003) an educational test package designed to test achievement and cognitive abilities (p. 327). Achievement tests such as the Woodcock-Johnson (WJ) test.is designed to measure some form of accomplishments. For example, the WJ is designed to measure achievement for the assessment of strengths and weaknesses for special programs (p. 33). Concurrent validity was examined comparing the Wechsler Intelligence score for children and the Woodcock-Johnson test of achievement. Concurrent validity of the Woodcock-Johnson had a correlation that ranged from ...

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