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Credit card usage of college students

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I am currently working on a research project on college/university students' credit card use behavior and attitudes.
First of all, I really need some suggestions on where I can find credible resources for my research, for example: useful web sites for college students credit card statistics etc.

And my other questions are:
1)What is the relationships between credit card companies and universities students?

2)How does credit card organizations solicit students within university?

3)What are the main business objectives of the credit card companies?

4)How do students get themselves into credit card crisis/trouble?

5)How do students solve their credit cards' debt?

6)In order to construct my research, what are the research philosophies and approaches should I adopt into my research, for example: Positive Epistemology etc.

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Hello. I provide the following to assist you.

In reference to credit card statistics, I found the following website:

This website provides information concerning:

1. Charge off rates
2. Percentage of students without a credit card
3. Average number of cards per student
4. Drop out rates due to debt

And many more statistics that could assist you.

Another website about credit card statistics provides the following:

"In that same year, Georgetown published information on the use of credit cards by college students. Statistics from that study show:
College students carried an average of $552 in credit card debt, while young adults in the same age brackets carried an average balance of $1,465 on their credit cards.
The average amount of credit extended to students was $1,395, which was considerably less than the $3,581 in credit obtained by young adults (non-students) of the same age. The average adult was able to obtain nearly $7,500 in credit.
College students are more likely to pay off their credit card balance than any other demographic group studied.
And while students are much more likely to pay off their balances, they tend to pay late and exceed their credit limits more frequently than other groups and therefore ...

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This solution provides an explanation of the relationship between credit card companies and college students, how students get themselves in financial trouble, and how to resolve debt.

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