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    Special pricing for some markets or customers

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    Second part of the presentation. See background information for the module one SLP.


    Include the following items in your presentation.

    •What about special pricing for some markets or customers?
    •Show effect on revenues and profitability based on stated assumptions.
    •Potential advantages and disadvantages, both financial and non-financial.
    •What are the relevant costs to consider?

    SLP Assignment Expectations

    Submit a Power Point presentation or a Word Document. A Power Presentation should have no more than six slides and a Word document cannot exceed two pages. Use words, tables, and graphs to make a succinct presentation. Document all sources and provide links at the end. It is acceptable to add another slide or page to list the sources.

    Combine the submissions from prior module(s) into one file before uploading to the dropbox.

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    The response addresses the query posted in 660 words with APA references

    //The pricing strategies are very important part of the overall marketing function and need to be devised very carefully by giving due considerations to the market and customer. In this context, the following discussion has been made on special pricing, its impact on revenues, advantages, and disadvantages of the special pricing. In the later section, a brief discussion has also been made for the relevant cost. //

    Special Pricing for Some Markets or Customers:

    The pricing strategies of an organization may be different in the different markets or may be based on the profile of the customers. In certain situations such as increased competition and new entrants in the market, the existing organizations revise their pricing policies so as to hinder the entry of new companies into the market. Further, to increase the market share, the organizations may lower the prices so as to establish themselves in the new market and make their products popular. In the ...

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    The special pricing for some markets or customers are determined. The potential advantages and disadvantages for both financial and non-financials are determined. The response addresses the query posted in 660 words with APA references