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    Transcendent Discourse and Frame Reflection

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    What are the similarities and differences between transcendent discourse (Pearce and Littlejohn) and frame reflection (Schon and Rein)?

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    Labor Studies

    There are many similarities and differences between "transcendent discourse" and "frame reflection". Peace and Littlejohn appear to focus more on conflict between individuals, while Schon and Rein seem to reflect on policy issues. Schon and Rein, "suggest a number of ways in which such collaboration could occur. They might analyze success stories, study current policy issues, study past policy controversies, or engage in frame reflective studies of ongoing policy design processes. Collaboration between academics and practitioners would have two main benefits. It would help in the process of reciprocal frame reflection. And it could help practitioners to maintain the conditions needed for mutual trust. Research of this type could be thought of as a type of frame-reflective consultation. The test of such research would be how useful it was to policy practitioners." Peace and Littlejohn on the other end, "develop new communication patterns, which they collectively term "transcendent discourse." Transcendent discourse can help to literally transcend moral differences."

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    Glaser (1997) of the Conflict Research Consortium reference that, "Pearce and Littlejohn seek to develop new and more productive ways of expressing moral ...

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