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    Indiana State Fair stage collapse

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    1. The Indiana Fair stage collapse occurred on August 13, 2011 during an outdoor concert because of severe thunderstorm and killed seven people and injured 58 others. The National Weather Service had issued notices and warnings forecasting strong winds and thunderstorms at the time of the concert. The executive director for Indiana State Fair Commission advised delaying the concert because of the thunderstorm but the band managers decided to go with the program on schedule. The State police expressed apprehension about the safety of the public because of the approaching thunderstorm, however, an announcement was made to continue with the show and the crowds were given directions relating to evacuation plans. The state police reiterated concerns to the director, Indiana State Fair Commission. They decided on calling off the show but the decision was too late and the stage collapsed killing seven people and injuring fifty eight. An investigation found that the collapse occurred because of inadequate capacity of the lateral load resisting system which comprised of guy lines connected to concrete "Jersey barrier" ballast. The lateral load resisting system collapsed because of inadequate ballast system, guy lines, and structure connections. The design was faulty, the construction was inadequate, and inspection was haphazard. Engineering review was avoided and installation of the structure was different from the directions provided by the structure manufacturer. The State Fair officials and Sugarland representatives were ill prepared for the incident and this increased the casualties. The issues were that there was procedure in place for delaying or postponing an event. Also, there was ...

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