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Conflict, Contrasting Styles, and Effective Communication

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1. In what ways does conflict within a group or team facilitate creativity, effectiveness, and product quality? How is it possible to differentiate the positive from the negative types of conflict within a group or team environment?

2. How would you modify your communication style to better accommodate team members with contrasting styles? Provide specific examples.

3. What recommendations may you make for effective communication among coworkers who have contrasting communication styles? Provide specific examples.

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The solution discusses conflict, contrasting styles and effective communication.

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Organizational Leadership:

The existence of an organization stems from the relationships that are formed among people joined together in a collaborative effort. The value of relationships between members of the organization is the reason why the companies create groups to undertake projects that are important to the company. The operations of a company have to be headed by a leader who understands the needs of both the employees and customers. It is the responsibility of the leader to ensure that all the established groups in the organization are functioning effectively (Resolving Conflict, 2011).

How Conflict Leads To Positive Effects in a Group Setting:

Conflict is a struggle that exists between people who have opposing needs, ideas, values and goals. In a group setting, it is inevitable to experience conflict because each person in the group is different and unique in their own ways. It is very crucial for all the team members to learn how to manage conflict so as they can achieve a high-performance group. By effectively managing conflict in the team, competency is attained in the group that will leads to growth and advancement. When the group advances, new creative ideas are shared more freely between the team members (Phillips, 2011).

The creative ideas that have been openly discussed, lead to innovations of products that are of quality and will be beneficial to the organization as a whole. Effectiveness is achieved in the group through the conflict resolution process where the people become more aware of how to interact with each ...

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